Transnational Peer Review for quality assurance in Validation of NonFormal and Informal Learning


Erik Kaemingk


Peer Review is a promising instrument for quality assurance and development. It is cost-effective and it fosters networking between providers of validation of non-formal and informal learning.

The session will focus on Peer Review as a validated methodology for institutional learning.  Building upon the results of a series of previous European programmes, 10 providers in validation seek to increase the transparency, market relevance, consistency and transferability of Validation of NonFormal and Informal Learning across Europe.

A common framework and tools for Peer Review for different Member State VNFIL systems and VNFIL providers is developed to evaluate and improve their quality assurance policies and practices in a manner appropriate to their national/institutional context. On European level the project supports mutual trust in transnational use of VNFIL and alignment of Quality Assurance methods across Member States.

The session will illustrate the manual, toolbox and quality areas that are used for Peer Review. Practical experience and good practices with the first transnational Peer Reviews will be shared and discussed. After this introduction we will start working with the Peer Review methodology. After the session interested participants can join the Peer Review network  for VNFIL providers as a potential Peer or as a provider interested in using Peer Review for quality development.