Validation and the Value of Competences - Roadmap 2018


Anni Karttunen

Programme Manager, adult education

Roadmap 2018 can be used as a checklist on the status of development in
individual countries, but it can be applied as a benchmark between countries and
their various systems for validation.

Roadmap 2018 gives a broad perspec­tive of Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) and its purpose is to provide a picture of how VPL functions. VPL does not only include the identification and assessment of competences, but also the communication of results and how they can benefit the individual and society. For this purpose, a support­ing infrastructure is required, which, besides benefitting VPL, is of great importance to the educational sector and for matching skills required by the labour market.

This publication targets a number of relevant indicators for the national development of VPL and for the supporting infrastructures. Indicators in this context refer to formulated goals, the clarifying of end results, structures and implementation. The indicators are conclusions of discussions within the expert network and are based on experiences from the Nordic countries. The target group includes policymakers and other players engaged in the development of VPL and lifelong learning, such as education pro­viders and labour market organizations.