The competencies certification system of the Italian Regions:


Roberto Trainito

Technical translation of the Italian Interministerial Decree of June 30th 2015: definition of the operational framework for national recognition of regional qualifications and respective competencies

Italy is also involved in launching services in order to ensure knowledge recognition and transparency of certifications. In particular, the policies related to the Law no. 92/2012 (the so called Fornero Law) containing provisions regarding the reform of the labour market, are established at national level by means of institutional discussion among the State, the Regions, the local authorities and the social parties.
The Legislative Decree no.13 of January 16th 2013 is an enacting provision of the Fornero Law, and it defines the general norms and the essential levels of required performance in order to identify and evaluate non-formal and informal learning, and furthermore the minimum standards of the National Qualification Framework. The document we'd share and present is a technical translation of the most relevant and detailed Italian normative (Decree of June 30th 2015) carried out by PwC linguistic and methodological experts fully involved in the design and implementation of validation services in the Italian regions.