NQF, national qualification frameworks and VPL


Anna Kahlson

Handläggare, Enhet Utbildningsfrågor Myndigheten för yrkeshögskolan

Two parallell systems that, like parallel lines, never meet? Or rather two sides of the same coin, aimed at making all learning visible and giving it value?

The focus of this workshop will be the possible links between systems and practices of VPL and NQF, links that firstly will benefit learners in their learning careers. Links that, hopefully, can add value for individuals, the labour market as well as the education and training system, and ultimately society at large.

The aim is to conclude the session with some recommendations on the necessary prerequisites to create and enhance synergies between structures, methods and tools for making prior learning visible and qualifications frameworks.

Two main questions will be discussed:

  • What needs to be in place to create synergies and added value for all stakeholders?
  • What are the common denominators between VPL and NQFs?

Examples and policies from EU countries will be presented (presenters to be confirmed) and the workshop will be facilitated by Anna Kahlson from the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education.