A methodology for validation of in-company learning


Tormod Skjerve

Senior policy advisor

Presentation of a national project making learning outcomes a bridge within the worklife and to the formal education and training system.

Virke - The Federation of Norwegian Enterprises is performing a project requested and funded by The Norwegian Government, aiming at a methode and model to make in-company training more transparent. The project is a main activity in the context of a recently launched national skills strategy. For many years we have been working on the issue of how to open up the qualifications and comptences developed in companies for the public in general and in particular the formal education and training system. Virke, in close cooperation with LO, NHO and YS, is testing and developing the metodology in the retail sector. Project objectives are a) to decide on common criteria for non-formal and formal qualifications, b) develop a guideline for defining and writing learning outcomes in companies based on the national standard for writing learning outcomes in formal education and training, c) improve the national system for validation of unformal learning, and d) enhance the common understanding of validating learning in general.