Preparing learners to become their own best teachers


Jim Rickabaugh


The Learning Independence Continuum as a driver for learner-centred validation-processes

The greatest gift to learners is to give them the tools, insights, and understanding necessary to be in charge of their own learning and lives.

When learners understand how to channel their interest and curiosity, they gain the ability to motivate themselves. When learners act on their interests and motivation, they begin to understand the power they possess to support their learning. When learners understand the relationship between effort, strategy, persistence and use of resources to meet learning challenges, they gain the power to control what they learn. And when learners begin to own their learning, they gain a prized possession to protect, build, and maintain for a lifetime.

The main question addressed in this keynote will be why and how validation of prior supports this notion of ‘the Learning Independence Continuum’.