The papers for the 2nd VPL Biennale will be published in an e-book after the Biennale. The version of the papers you can now download are the working papers and will be finalized after the authors got input from the debates, work sessions and networking at the 2nd VPL Biennale.

Content 2nd VPL Biennale Book

2VBP 01    Madhu Singh, Organizing RVA at national, regional and local levels. (UNESCO, 25 pages)
2VBP 02    Ernesto Villalba and Jens Bjornavold, Validation of non-formal and informal learning in Europe. (EU, 18 pages)
2VBP 03    Jim Rickabaugh, The Dawn of a New Era for Learners. (USA, 10 pages)
2VBP 04    Per Andersson, Validation as a learning process. (S, 7 pages)
2VBP 05    Bodil Husted, How can effectiveness of VPL foster individuals’ benefit? (DK, 8 pages)
2VBP 06    Henning Salling Olesen, The Concept of Competence and the Challenge of Competence Assessment. (DK, 13 pages)
2VBP 07    Guus Bremer and Jo Peeters, Learning from Volunteering. (NL, 6 pages)
2VBP 08    Yazid Isli, The Spanish Experience. (E, 13 pages)
2VBP 09    Deirdre Goggin and Josephine Finn, Building RPL practitioner network. (IRL, 13 pages)
2VBP 10    Anna Gabriela Pérez, Francklin Rivas Echeverría. Exploratory Analysis for a National Qualifications Framework proposal in Venezuela.
2VBP 11    Per Andersson, Timo Hattunen, Ulla Nistrup, Kirsten Aagaard and Brian Benjamin Hansen. Quality in Validation of prior learning. (
2VBP 12    Arnheiður Gígja Guðmundsdóttir and Fjóla María Lárusdóttir, Guidance in validation within the Nordic region. (IS, 17 pages)
2VBP 13    Celeo Arias, Integrating non-formal and informal learning in Honduras. (HN, 15 pages)
2VBP 14    Jeanette Leth, Focus on the student. (DK, 9 pages)
2VBP 15    Anu Moisio and Marjaana Mäkelä. Work & Study. (FI, 16 pages)
2VBP 16    Deirdre Goggin and Irene Sheridan. Validation of workplace learning. (IRL, 17 pages)
2VBP 17    Ruud Duvekot, Linking the concepts of VPL and personalised learning. (NL, pending)

2VBP 18    Martin Noack and Kathrin Ehmann, Overcoming language barriers: Competence Cards help reveal
migrants’ skills.
(DU, 12 pages)

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